• Kapil Garg

Why should Accuracy of leads be the topmost criteria to source leads?

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

A typical lead generation service provides you leads with 85 to 90% accuracy.

The question is – Is it good enough?

It’s a question which deserves a deeper consideration.

First, more wrong email addresses mean more email bounces.

And more email bounces mean lowering of domain reputation.

A lower domain reputation means a progressively lower probability of reaching the Inbox.

So, the bottomline is – a 85 to 90% accuracy of leads data shall lower your domain reputation. As a result, you are looking at only a small percentage of your emails reaching the Inbox -> this means Ineffective Marketing campaigns.

So, in effect:

Inaccurate leads ->>> Ineffective Marketing campaigns (+ lower domain reputation)

Moral of the tale: get your leads from a trusted source that guarantees a high degree of accuracy (atleast 95%)

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