Resubmission Feature in B2B

There are various Best practices suggested to re-submit the failed messages in B2B. Following is one approach.

1. Outbound Flow

The exception handling and resubmission mechanism can be split it into three different activities.

I. Get the Exception Message details: Query IP_IN_QUEUE using consumer name as B2BERRORUSER.
II. Get the Business message details: Query the b2b_instancemessage view for a specific b2bmessageID for which exception occurred.
III. Resubmit the Business message to IP_OUT_QUEUE with appropriate AQ header information such as From, To, Doc Type, Revision etc.

For any Error/Exception during outbound message processing, B2B sends an exception message whose Document type is “Exception” to the IP_IN_QUQUE with error user as B2BERRORUSER. The exception message enqueued will be based on the ipException.xsd available in the $midtier/ip/lib.