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Inbound Scenario

1) From, To, Document Type and Document Revision: In Oracle AS B2B, it is possible to identify the agreement using these attributes. Since Oracle AS B2B supports custom over ebMS Business protocol, the custom Document Type and Document Revision can be retrieved by applying the Xpath expression on the payload.

2) Action based Identification
If the Business Action matches with the ebMS header Action of the incoming message, then the respective Document Type and Document Revision will be used to identify the agreement based on step 1.

3) CPAId based Identification
The following property in tip.properties, “oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.ebms.IdentifyAgreement.cpaId=true” indicates then the incoming document’s agreement Identification will be based on ebMS header CPAId with the Agreement ID. If this value is set true, then this overrides all the above mechanisms for inbound agreement identification, as this is a global setting.