Typical EDI Errors and Solutions

Typical EDI Errors

1. Unable to identify the Document

Make sure the document protocol parameters defined in the document definition matches the corresponding data in the inbound document.

2. Agreement Identification which involves Document Identification and TP Identification

For e.g. trading partner agreement not found for the given input values: From party [NAME-ROLE] “GlobalChips-Seller”, To party [NAME-ROLE] “GlobalChips-Buyer”, Collaboration name “3A4”; also verify agreement effectiveToDate

Check: Make sure to verify Trading Partner Name, Trading Partner Parameters (Optional), Document Type Name, Document Type Revision ,Trading Partner Id, Delivery Channel Continue reading

Oracle AS B2B – Performance Best Practices

I am sharing some of the Best practices for Oracle AS B2B Performance. Please feel free to add and make it helpful for the B2B community.


2. set oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.sleepTimeout=1 in tip.properties (default value 10)

3. use multiple worker IP listener threads in B2B and make sure to do appropriate testing as it is most suited for multiple processor. This is done by setting oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.NumOfIPListeners to appropriate values. However this is not a well tested feature.

4. Use custom queues for processing outbound messages instead of IP_OUT_QUEUE. If you have more load, create multiple queues and load balance among them. For e.g for every 2 Continue reading

Correllation of Business Message in EBMS Exchange

Correllation of Business Message in EBMS Exchange is done using

a. RefToMessageId
b. ConversationId

It is possible to correllate a business message such as ORDER with its response message such as ORDRSP and it is also allowed to correllate as many number of related messages as long as they carry appropriate RefToMessageID and ConversationID.

Back end application such as BPEL can make use of the AQ/JMS header replyToMsgID for setting the correllation information. Format of the replyToMsgID is as follows.

replyToMsgID : RefToMessageId : ConversationId Continue reading

B2B Startup Issues for a listening End point

Oracle AS B2B will not start if it failed to initialize any of the transport listening end point during start up. Listening end point mean, any end point which has a polling interval.

The user community feels that just for a failure in initialization of some of the listening end points , it is in-appropriate not to start the B2B. This might also results in a huge impact in the business and is justfied in a use case with large number of listening end point. Failure in some of the end point should be ignored and B2B should be started by necessary logging of the failed end points.

With this fix B2B will start even in the following cases.

1) If any receiving delivery channel is misconfigured, such as username and password is not Continue reading